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First-tier Tribunal (General Regulatory Chamber)

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First-tier Tribunal (General Regulatory Chamber)

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The General Regulatory Chamber (GRC) was established on 1 September 2009 and sits within the First–tier Tribunal. The GRC brings together a range of previously separate tribunals that hear appeals on regulatory issues.

Which jurisdictions sit in the GRC?

The following jurisdictions sit in the GRC (although most of these jurisdictions don't publish their decisions):

Information Rights

•    Prior to September 2009 Information Tribunal decisons can be found in BAILII's United Kingdom Information Tribunal database.

•    The The First-tier Tribunal (Information Rights) decisions will either have the citation format: [2011] UKFTT EA_2011_0159 (GRC) for 'unreported' decisons or the citation format: [2010] UKFTT 573 (GRC) for 'reported' decisions i.e. those the Tribunal deems more significant.

The First-tier Tribunal (Information Rights) hears appeals from notices issued by the Information Commissioner under:

In accordance with procedure rules for the General Regulatory Chamber, appeals under:

will be transferred to the Upper Tribunal.


The First-tier Tribunal (Charity) hears appeals that were previously heard by the Charity Tribunal, which was set up under the Charities Act 2006 to:

Claims Management Services

The First-tier Tribunal (Claims Management Services) hears appeals from businesses and individuals who provide claims management services in areas including:

Consumer Credit

The First-tier Tribunal (Consumer Credit) hears appeals that were previously heard by the Consumer Credit Appeals Tribunal, which was set up under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (as amended). Appeals are against decisions made by the Office of Fair Trading, relating to:


The First-tier Tribunal (Environment) hears appeals from civil sanctions made available for certain specified offences for use by the regulators Environment Agency and Natural England. The Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions 2008 contains enabling powers to introduce these civil sanctions. These civil sanctions are introduced under the following Statutory Instruments:

(The Welsh Assembly Government is drawing up co–ordinated secondary legislation in Wales to extend civil sanctioning powers to the Environmental Agency in Wales).

There is a fast track procedure for appeals against Stop Notices – see Practice Direction >>>

Estate Agents

The First-tier Tribunal (Estate Agents) hears appeals under the Estate Agents Act 1979. It hears appeals against decisions made by the Office of Fair Trading relating to:

Gambling Appeals

The First-tier Tribunal (Gambling) hears appeals against the decisions of the Gambling Commission.

Immigration Services

The First-tier Tribunal (Immigration Services) hears appeals against decisions made by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner. It also considers disciplinary charges brought against immigration advisors by the Commissioner.

Local Government Standards in England

The First–tier Tribunal (Local Government Standards in England) hears and determines references concerning the conduct of local authority councillors. The jurisdiction also acts as an appellate body to determine appeals against the decisions of local standards committees.

Transport (some functions only)

The First-tier Tribunal (Transport) hears and decides appeals relating to:

First instance appeals against a decision of the Traffic Commissioners are heard in the Administrative Appeals Chamber of the Upper Tribunal - for more information please see the Administrative Appeals Chamber web pages.

Onward appeal from the GRC

Onward appeals to the Upper Tribunal can be made, with permission, on any point of law arising from the decision of the First-tier Tribunal.

With the exception of Charity, onward appeal work from the jurisdictions above are heard in the Administrative Appeals Chamber of the Upper Tribunal. For Charity cases, onward appeals are heard in the Tax and Chancery Chamber of the Upper Tribunal.

Some first instance GRC appeals to be heard in the Upper Tribunal

In addition to appeals from Traffic Commissioners, two other GRC jurisdictions have initial appeals which may be suitable for hearing in either the GRC or the Upper Tribunal. For Information Rights appeals under:

will always be heard in the Upper Tribunal. Other Information Rights and Charity cases will be heard in the First-tier Tribunal except where it is decided, in accordance with Tribunal Procedure Rules, that the Upper Tribunal is better suited to hear a particular case. The tribunal rules specify the process for a case to be transferred from the First-tier to the Upper Tribunal.

View the Upper Tribunal pages for more information.

More tribunals to join the GRC in 2010

The General Regulatory Chamber will also deal with appeals under the Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Act 2008 (RES Act), as and when the relevant provisions are commenced. For further information on the RES Act see the BIS website.

Procedure rules

Please visit the Rules and Legislation page of the TS website to view the GRC procedure rules.

Practice Statements and Directions

Practice directions that relate to the GRC are:

Practice statements that relate to the GRC are:

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