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United Kingdom Employment Appeal Tribunal

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United Kingdom Employment Appeal Tribunal

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This database contains Full Hearing judgments of the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) which are transcribed or handed down by the Tribunal.

Employment Appeal Tribunal

The Employment Appeal Tribunal is a Superior Court of Record dealing with appeals from the decisions of the Employment Tribunals, the Certification Officer and the Central Arbitration Committee. The jurisdiction of the Employment Appeal Tribunal extends to England and Wales and Scotland. Many thanks to the Employment Appeal Tribunal for making these judgments available.

The EAT use as their references the case number allocated to the appeal, and they do not allocate individual references to each judgment given. There may therefo re be two judgments in the same case, both bearing the same reference number. The case numbers used on BAILII consist of the UKEAT abbreviation (former EAT and EATS citation abbreviations are now UKEAT on BAILII) allocated to the appeal, followed by the date and month. Thus the BAILII reference [2003] UKEAT 1234_02_0101 means the judgment given on 1st January 2003 in appeal number 1234 for 2002.

There are a number of Employment Appeal Tribunal decisions available on BAILII which were the subject of an appeal to the Court of Appeal, but for which the Court of Appeal decision is not available on BAILII. This applies particularly to Employment Appeal Tribunal decisions before 1997.


In order to search for an EAT citation such as UKEAT 0026/02 or EAT 0026/02 either replace the / with a space or the underline character and choose "this in document title" in the FIND drop down menu. To search on a specific BAILII style UKEAT reference just use the complete reference, such as 0026_02_2401 again using "this in document title" in the FIND drop down menu. In some instances a judgment may contain multiple judgments and to locate these additional judgments will have to search across the full text by using "this phrase" in the FIND drop down menu. An additional problem is caused by the official citation number sometimes being padded out to four digits bu using zeros, as in the example above, and sometimes not. So try both in your search (0026_02_2401|26_02_2401) using "this Boolean query" in the FIND drop down menu.

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