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    May 2014


    Why does BAILII appeal for funds?

    Donations enable BAILII to meet the costs of maintaining and developing its website. These costs amount to approximately 160,000 per annum (excluding replacement of computer hardware and other items which are not incurred annually).
    Those who support BAILII's aims or make regular use of BAILII are encouraged to contribute.
    Many donations made to BAILII are single donations, and BAILII's income on the basis of existing offers of donations is almost not sufficient to meet BAILII's annual expenditure. BAILII will therefore continue to need further support in future years.
    You can make a donation to BAILII on-line via the Charities Aid Foundation.
    For more detailed information regarding BAILII's donors, click here, If you wish to discuss becoming a donor contact us at:

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Sir Stanley Burnton (chairman),
Guy Beringer,
Andrea Coomber,
Sir Patrick Elias,
Philip Leith,
Patrick O'Callaghan,
Andrew Mowbray,
Alan Paterson,
Nick Segal,
Jules Winterton,
Laurence Rabinowitz

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