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Northern Ireland - Social Security and Child Support Commissioners' Decisions

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Northern Ireland - Social Security and Child Support Commissioners' Decisions

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In Northern Ireland the Social Security Commissioners and Child Support Commissioners are the specialised members of the judiciary appointed to hear and determine appeals on points of law from Appeal Tribunals under the Social Security and Child Support legislation.

The Social Security cases include appeals on a claimant's entitlement to benefits, tax credits and housing benefit. The Child Support cases are concerned with questions relating to child support maintenance. The Commissioners also have jurisdiction to deal with questions arising under the Forfeiture (Northern Ireland) Order 1982.

The database contains all decisions from January 2000 and selected decisions of the Social Security and Child Support Commissioners from the beginning of 1997. The material for this database has been obtained from NI Digest of Case-Law (NIDOC).


Commissioners’ decisions are numbered in a broadly uniform fashion. Generally they consist of a letter to denote the decision’s status followed by the number of the decision and the year in which the decision was given. Initials in brackets indicate the benefit to which the decision relates. Reported decisions (beginning with “R”) take precedence over all others, which are unreported.

For example:

R1/96(IB): R = reported decision;
1/96 = first decision in 1996 in the benefit group;
(IB) = incapacity benefit.

C2/00-01(DLA): C = unreported decision by Commissioner on an appeal;
2/00-01 = second decision in 2000-01 in the benefit group;
(DLA) = disability living allowance.

A4/96(JSA): A = a determination by Commissioner on an application;
4/96 = fourth determination in 1996 in the benefit group;
(JSA) = job seekers’ allowance.
Child support unreported decisions have a slightly different numbering system in that the first two letters indicate the benefit and the third letter indicates whether the decision was given on an appeal or application. For example:
CSA2/99: CS = child support;
A = a determination on an application;
2/99 = second determination in that group in 1999.

CSC5/00-01: CS = child support;
C = unreported decision on an appeal;
5/00-01 = fifth decision in that group in 2000-01.
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